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Here are some links to articles about Australian native plants.

  • A link to the Victorian National parks website. They have recently issued a review on nature conservation.

Nature conservation review

  • Here is a document from DPI on the latest news about the outbreaks of myrtle rust in Victoria.

Myrtle rust update June14

  • The newsletter 'EcoVoice' and website has articles of general environmental interest.


  • The organisation Greening Australia puts out a newsletter on their planting activities.


  • Here is a link to 'The Weeds Network' which is full of interesting articles about weeds here and overseas, along with articles about pesticides and other relevant material.


  • This article describes the problems and excitment involved in germinating a rare orchid species. A story of bacteria, seeds and insects and the way they interact.


  • This is an excellent guide for indigenous plants in the Casey and Cardinia area. Please click on the link.


  • If you have a question about growing Australian native plants in the Berwick-Pakenham-Cranbourne areas, please feel free to email us, using the link below.

click here


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