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These are some photos of fungi found in the SE Melbourne and Gippsland areas. Most have been found after some rain, and the most common growing substrate is wood mulch or rotting timber. The fungi have been identified from the book "A field guide to Australian fungi" by Bruce Fuhrer, which is an excellent reference with great photos. Any mistaken identification here is not the fault of this book. 

Please be aware that many fungi are poisonous, or at least have unknown toxic effects. 

Fungi are fascinating in that what is seen is only the fruiting body, the rest of the fungi is an underground web of threads. Many trees and fungi have a symbiotic relationship with a particular fungi. Some of the photos here show the fungi sprouting in a line along a tree root under the surface. Imported species like the fly agaric are only found in association with non native trees such as oak and silver birch.gallery


Phylloporus rhodoxanthus

vascellum pratense

Marasmiellus foetidus

Laccaria pproxima

Hypholoma aurantiaca

Hygrocybe mavis

Hygrocybe mavis

Gymnopilus junonius

Fly agaric

Dermocybe sanguinea

Cortinarius largus

Coprinellus truncorum

Coprinellus truncorum

Clavulina subrugosa

Caprinellus disseminatus

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