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About Wilson Park Australian Plants Society

The area was designed by the group in 1992, and is maintained during monthly working bees. At any time of the year something will be in flower, and every Spring the garden is a riot of flowers with the air perfumed with the abundant honey scented nectar so loved by our native birds and insects.

The soil is quite thin heavy clay, with one side in shade and with hill drainage moisture, while the other side is in full sun and quite dry. Over time the differences can be seen in the plants which have flourished with extra water, however some of the grevilleas do very well on the dry sunny side. We have had some erosion and have controlled this with heavy groundcovers. This soil is common to the Berwick area.

Given the age of the garden, it is a good sign of the adaptability of native plants in that there is a lot of self seeding plants, including bluebells and  bulbine lillies, grasses and some grevilleas and groundcovers. These are encouraged or transplanted to other areas. We have even had an open-pollinated seedling Correa which we are waiting to see what colour the flowers will be.

Unfortunately many of the weeds found in the carpark are also found around the area, and are introduced from gardens or brought in by the wind or birds. Some of the major weeds we find are blackberry, banana passionfruit and thistles as well as pampas grass which is a problem in the wider park area. We try to reduce weeds by mulching, some spraying by park staff and hand weeding by members of our group.



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