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Remember the wild creatures

With the hot Summer days ahead, please remember to keep your garden water pots full. Birds, butterflies, bees, possums, bats and many other creatures will have a merrier Christmas with this present.

It is best to have a few pots of water around the garden. I have found plastic plant tray bases to be the best. Terracotta dries out quickly, while metal heats up fast. A shallow container is best, to allow smaller birds to safely bathe and then also get out of the water. If you have a deeper dish, then put a stick or a flat piece of bark or a rock in so they can get out. This will also help smaller creatures like lizards and insects to access the water. It is also best to clean them out regularly. Often crows like to put stale bread and scraps in the water, and this can get disgusting really quickly in the hot weather. Keeping a dish brush near the pot helps make this task quicker.

For insects such as butterflies, they apparently like to drink from puddles of muddy water. I haven't seen this, however many bees often have a drink from the bird pots. I have a small terracotta pot of dirt in the bird water pot in hopes that butterflies will like it. A small pot is easy to take out when you are cleaning the bird bath out as well. 

For location, some birds like to have a clear space, others will like to dip in and out from trees and shrubs. If you have a plant that gets dried out quickly, putting the water pot near this helps save time and water, as you can tip the dirty water on the thirsty plant. At least a tray on a stand, and one on the ground will suit most of the creatures in your garden. This is also a time of year for baby birds who may not be flying well yet, so they will appreciate a ground tray.

Have a safe holiday, and I hope the plant fairy leaves something under the tree.

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