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Recycling is a good way to help the environment and save you money and get some garage space back. The more things we can keep out of landfill the better. Remember, it’s not just you getting rid of stuff that someone else may treasure, but also exploring the recycling goods to use yourself. Make sure […]

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It’s heading into Christmas, and in the frenzy of present buying it is worthwhile to pause and think about the impact of so much buying. Will it end up in landfill by next Christmas? Maybe you can reuse something and give it a new life as a present, even if it is a present to […]

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Reduce your Environmental Impact

Reducing your impact on the environment is at once easy, and sometimes very hard. Easy because you are not doing something – not buying a new thing or the latest gadget. Not getting swept up in a craze, and thinking before you purchase something. It is far easier not to have something that needs recycling […]

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Everything that people do to survive has an impact on the environment. While for the most part we cannot change the world, we can help our little corner of it. We have seen the impacts of agriculture and industry, of city and suburban living and its often total destruction of the previous ecosystem. Your yard […]

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